Our Vision

“Loving, learning, living together”

Our Mission

At St. John’s Catholic School we embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of all children and families within our community.

We strive for quality teaching and learning nurturing the total growth of all children in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

Our school strives for more than just excellence in curriculum content. Our commitment to developing our Catholic Ethos is critical to our school – it is what sets us apart. In 2007 we outlined a Vision and Mission Statement for our school, presented above, that outlines our core teaching and educational values.

We have provided some more key documents below that help to create a more detailed and articulate picture of the integrity, importance amd relevance of our Catholic Ethos to our education system. Please click on the links to view the documents. You will need Adobe Reader to view the documents.


Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools


Catholic Ethos


Catholic Education Office Vision and Mission Statement